Fujioptics's product portfolio includes polarization maintaining components, high power components, fused components, thin film filter components, amplification components and multimode components, such as isolators, polarization beam combiners/splitters, couplers, CWDM and DWDM devices, hybrid devices and integrated modules; We mainly focus on producing and operating optical communication connector parts, Licence Connector, Attenuator,fiber optical splice closure, terminal box, ODF frame, OTDR, cable transfer boxes, etc. Meanwhile agent sales well-known foreign brands equipments,such as fiber splicing machines, grinding equipment, interference instrument, insertion and return loss instruments etc.fiber optic professional testing instruments and related accessories.

Fujioptics cooperates with YOFC, providing system solutions for China netcom, telecommunications, broadcasting and TV, electric power, military, tietong, China mobile, China unicom, army,oil and other industries.