About us

图片2.jpgFujioptics Technologies Co.,Ltd  is located in Optics Valley-Wuhan, China .It is a production and technical service enterprise focusing on optical fiber communication device production, foundry, raw material sales, and product technical testing services. The company was founded in 2007 and has self-purchased office space and R&D space.
Fujioptics Technologies Co.,Ltd adheres to the development strategy of "walking with giants and keeping pace with the world", and establishes close R&D and market cooperation relationships with foreign research institutions and Fortune 500 companies, and cooperates with Japan's Sumitomo Electric, Canada's JGR, Japan's NTT and other foreign countries. Excellent companies establish long-term strategic partnerships. Fuji combines the advantages of independent production conditions and market platforms to jointly build a scientific and technological innovation system, is committed to transforming advanced scientific research results into productivity, and promotes the mutual promotion of scientific research and industry, and is committed to providing customers with a comprehensive approach from design, testing, debugging to verification Develop solutions.
Main products: high-density multi-core connectors, module/device test standard wires, dedicated busbars for test equipment, special calibration wires for jumpers, polarization-maintaining products, optical fiber connectors, passive device test equipment, passive device production equipment, Source device tooling design, passive device production consumables.
Main customer groups: optical communication active device and passive device production and processing enterprises, military industrial enterprises, industrial-grade communication product application parties, research institutes, equipment manufacturers, etc.
After 15 years of hard work, we have forged a solid Forge Technology. The company has always been adhering to the inheritance concept of "going prosperous and strong, starting from the foundation", and making due contributions to the optical fiber communication industry!图片1.jpg